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Useful program for finding any chord in the fretboard
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Guitar is by far one of the most popular music instruments in the world. It can be used for playing almost any style of music. Nevertheless, composing music for the guitar can be difficult, since there are many chords to choose from, and to learn and play each and every possible chord would be a very time-consuming task. For this reason, a program like Guitar Chord Finder comes on handy when trying to compose a chord progression or transposing a song or piece from one key to another. You only need to choose the type of chord you want to find (Major, Minor, Augmented and so on), and one of the 12 keys (including flats and sharps), then click on the Find Chords button, and that's it. A series of chords would appear on the left window. You can repeat the process with as many keys as you need. You can listen to the chord by simply placing the cursor over it. The notes forming the chord would appear on the guitar neck at the bottom of the interface. Alternatively, you can configure the program to show the fingerings of the chord. When you find the right chord, you can drag-and-drop it to the right window to form a progression. Once you have chosen all the chords you need, you can sort them out according to your needs. Finally, you can listen to your progression by clicking on the Play Progression option. You can adjust the tempo and the volume of the program with simple sliding controls.
The trial version of Guitar Chord Finder is fully functional. You can use it during 14 days before purchasing.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Useful
  • Easy-to-use
  • Attractive interface


  • It takes a while to load
  • Maybe it's a matter of hardware, but I coludn't see the entire interface (some items overlapped on others)
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